With so many gorgeous tile and stone options from which to choose these days, it is usually easy to get a flooring material that will not only be beautiful, but that will also be slip-resistant in wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens.

But when the best aesthetic choice for a particular area isn’t slip-resistant, what should you do?

Of course area rugs are always an option, but I don’t like to take the chance a rug won’t be in the wash when you really need it, or that its slip-resistance will always do the job.  I would rather have the design be safe, functional and beautiful, which produces happy clients.

The beautiful bathroom shown here had exactly this issue.  Because the space is fairly small, I wanted to use light-reflective materials in soft beiges and creams to open up the space, adding texture and interest by changing up the materials.  We decided to use a highly-polished creamy marble for the shower, walls and floors.  To add the slip-resistance we needed, I custom-designed a pale gold marble in a herringbone pattern, outlined with a few rows of custom-designed gold onyx mosaics to produce a custom “area rug”.  Although the marble and onyx are also both highly polished, it is the addition of the grout lines that makes them slip-resistant.  We repeated the pale gold herringbone on the shower floor as well.  I’ve since checked in with the homeowners and they tell me there have been no issues with slipping.

The beauty of this is that when the light hits any of these materials, they sparkle like jewels.  This bathroom is understated yet elegant, which is exactly what these homeowners wanted….and because it is as safe as it is beautiful, I can also sleep at night!


A bonus side-note on custom-designed materials:  Custom sounds expensive, doesn’t it?  Each time I use the word “custom”, people quiver…..but does custom always mean it’s more expensive?  Not always….

On this particular project, I had placed an order for some very similar products (a pale gold marble herringbone and an old world onyx mosaic with very irregular sizes and chipped borders that looked like it was around a hundred years ago….really beautiful stuff!).  Well, this very high-end supplier (who shall remain nameless) put the last inventory they had in stock of both items on hold for me and then proceeded to sell them to someone else!  At that point, my clients were already in love with the materials and I didn’t want to disappoint them, so I worked closely with my stone fabricator and we ended up designing and producing the materials ourselves……and at a fraction of the cost the original supplier was charging!  So…..just because something is custom doesn’t always mean it’s more expensive.  And although custom can be more expensive, the result of having something custom-made for you is usually worth it.