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April 22, 2015

A Quality Installation Makes All The Difference

Ok quick….what’s missing in these photos? Give up?  It’s the ugly (and completely unnecessary) quarter-round moldings some installers use to “finish off” stairs and base molding on hardwood floors! A pet peeve of mine:  Quarter-round moldings!
February 24, 2015

Yertle the Turtle & Home Decor??

I’ll never forget the day I spent most of an afternoon with a client, reviewing their very extensive art collection.  One of their favorite things to do is pick up artwork at local antiques shops and in their many travels […]
February 4, 2015

Low Cost Bathroom Re-Do With Big Payoff

To look at the before and after photos of this bathroom, you’d think it was a very expensive undertaking, but in reality most of these high-impact changes were relatively low in cost.  Let’s break it all down…
January 13, 2015

C’mon Baby, Light My Fire

Isn’t this a dramatic fireplace re-do?  To tell the truth, these clients hadn’t thought about re-doing their fireplace because they never really used it much….they never really saw how it was dragging the beauty of their room down.  So, as we […]
November 24, 2014

Knock – Knock!

Knock – Knock! Who’s there? A lion’s head door knocker….in a luxury Master Bathroom?!?
October 21, 2014

Small Space, Big Style, Tons of Storage … Yes, it CAN be done!

So what does the design of a hair salon suite have to do with you? Lots! I know you have “that room” in your home with limited space, that needs to be multi-functional, AND you want it to look great. […]
September 24, 2014

Pretty in Pink & One to Grow On

All too often I see people creating a nursery or child’s bedroom based on the ‘cuteness factor’ and the child’s current age, rather than thinking about creating a space that with only a few minor changes will still be relevant […]
September 9, 2014

Putting the ‘Fun’ in a Functioning Home Office

The key to the fun in this space is color … and what a glorious color it is!  The keys to its function are simplicity and attention to how the office must perform.
August 26, 2014

Bathroom Materials: A Slippery Slope!

With so many gorgeous tile and stone options from which to choose these days, it is usually easy to get a flooring material that will not only be beautiful, but that will also be slip-resistant in wet areas such as […]
July 22, 2014

Why does this grouping work?

One of my quirks from way before I was a professional interior designer was to “deconstruct” photos of rooms or groupings I liked to figure out WHY I liked them so much. That quirk is at the core of how […]
November 12, 2012

Furniture Shopping Tip

Remember when shopping for dining room chairs or other movable furniture pieces: There needs to be enough clearance for moving the chairs in and out from the table and also to have people get in and out of them comfortably […]
November 11, 2012

Advantages to Hiring a Professional Interior Designer

Some people think hiring a professional Interior Designer is a luxury they can’t afford, when in reality the value far outweighs the luxury. There are many factors that make hiring a professional Interior Designer make a lot of sense (dollars […]