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The goal of this blog is to share information with you about real design projects.  I will include all kinds of useful tips and trends you can use on your own projects, as I share the “secrets” of professional interior design.

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Yertle the Turtle & Home Decor??

I’ll never forget the day I spent most of an afternoon with a client, reviewing their very extensive art collection.  One of their favorite things to do is pick up artwork at local antiques shops and in their many travels to Italy …. paintings, drawings, tapestries, collectibles…. most of which are old-world Italian.  So perhaps you can imagine my utter shock later that evening when this client sends me a photo of a rather large Yertle the Turtle collectible figurine, and tells me that she’s sorry she forgot to show me this, but it absolutely must go somewhere in the design!

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C’mon Baby, Light My Fire

Isn’t this a dramatic fireplace re-do?  To tell the truth, these clients hadn’t thought about re-doing their fireplace because they never really used it much….they never really saw how it was dragging the beauty of their room down.  So, as we were remodeling their kitchen and replacing all of the flooring in the living areas and the flooring ran into the fireplace hearth, it became a great opportunity to dramatically change the look and feel of the entire living space.

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Salon Blog

Small Space, Big Style, Tons of Storage … Yes, it CAN be done!

So what does the design of a hair salon suite have to do with you? Lots!

I know you have “that room” in your home with limited space, that needs to be multi-functional, AND you want it to look great. If so, then I know you can apply many of the creative design solutions I used on this project to your home project.  This salon space is only 120 sq ft, but it serves 3 functions plus a Wish List (fulfilled!) of 33 items….want to see how I did it?

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Pretty in Pink & One to Grow On

All too often I see people creating a nursery or child’s bedroom based on the ‘cuteness factor’ and the child’s current age, rather than thinking about creating a space that with only a few minor changes will still be relevant when they are teenagers. We’ve all seen the crib that converts to a bed, but there is so much more to consider so you don’t have to re-purchase everything over and over.

Even though this photo shows a rather decadent, highly-custom bedroom I designed for an 8 year old with a penchant for “Princess-y Shabby Chic” (or was it her mother’s penchant…?), every furniture piece and built-in in the room will take her into her teenage years with just some fabric and paint changes. Let’s break it down:

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Rental – Fireplace Detail

Why does this grouping work?

One of my quirks from way before I was a professional interior designer was to “deconstruct” photos of rooms or groupings I liked to figure out WHY I liked them so much. That quirk is at the core of how I design rooms now… I realize every element is important and adds to the overall beauty, but each one also needs to relate to the others. Case in point:

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