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The goal of this blog is to share information with you about real design projects.  I will include all kinds of useful tips and trends you can use on your own projects, as I share the “secrets” of professional interior design.

Contact us to ask your own questions!

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November 11, 2012
Advantages to Hiring a Professional Interior Designer
Some people think hiring a professional Interior Designer is a luxury they can’t afford, when in reality the value far outweighs the luxury. There are many factors that make hiring a professional Interior Designer make a lot of sense (dollars […]
November 12, 2012
Furniture Shopping Tip
Remember when shopping for dining room chairs or other movable furniture pieces: There needs to be enough clearance for moving the chairs in and out from the table and also to have people get in and out of them comfortably […]
November 25, 2012
DeBilzan Gallery Event
Making good on a promise to my late brother before he passed away earlier this year, I have created a special project at the Human Options Women’s Shelter to repair and remodel the living spaces. My brother provided a generous […]
July 22, 2014
Why does this grouping work?
One of my quirks from way before I was a professional interior designer was to “deconstruct” photos of rooms or groupings I liked to figure out WHY I liked them so much. That quirk is at the core of how […]