Knock – Knock!

Who’s there?

A lion’s head door knocker….in a luxury Master Bathroom?!?

During a whole-house remodel, my client told me she wanted to surprise her husband with something in the decor that had a lion’s head on it.  These clients collect antiques and a favorite theme of his is lion heads.

Her request stayed on my ‘To Do’ list, until one day when I was at my favorite cabinet hardware store.  As I was at the counter paying for some crystal knobs, I noticed a huge brass lion head door knocker on the wall.  Just as I was thinking about how it was too large for their front door, it hit me that I could turn a smaller one into the perfect towel ring for their custom master bathroom.

So, I searched for just the right size, with a ring that swings out from the wall, and they absolutely loved it!  (My contractor on the other hand was not so happy, because he had to figure out how to change the mounting hardware to accommodate this scenario!).

My tip:  Always try to see things with fresh eyes.  Just because an object starts out with one function doesn’t mean you can’t turn it into something completely different for your needs.  Have FUN when you decorate, and always be creative!