Ocean Bath Before & After

To look at the before and after photos of this bathroom, you’d think it was a very expensive undertaking, but in reality most of these high-impact changes were relatively low in cost.  Let’s break it all down…

The flooring was already part of the scope of work in this room because the clients were replacing all of their flooring in all of the living areas.  (As an aside, this home had a combination of carpet and hardwood flooring in the living areas.  By our replacing all of it with new hardwood throughout, the space now feels so much larger, open and cohesive).  The original plan was to just change the flooring in this bathroom, but after I gave the homeowners a few low-cost ideas, they became excited to give the space a much-needed makeover….

We kept the existing vanity, just adding a fresh coat of paint.  The damaged wallpaper and mirror were removed and after the walls were repaired, we opted to paint them in a gray shade which is a little lighter than the vanity.  Because the wallpaper was not damaged in the adjoining toilet/shower room, we left that in place because the homeowners really liked it, and it kept the costs down.

We did replace the vanity countertop with a beautiful and durable quartz material, but we used scrap material from the kitchen remodel we were already doing for them, so the only real cost here was the stone fabrication and installation.  We changed out the sink to a more contemporary square shape and finished the look with a beautiful new, single lever faucet.

We then replaced the mirror, lighting and accessories, opting for crystal and reflective surfaces to give the space a more expensive feel.  We kept the color palette light and neutral to make the space feel clean and bright.

This bathroom looks entirely new and although it looks expensive, the cost was very affordable….and the clients love it!